Water table and water quality

Research theme 3: Water table and water quality

The Sand Motor could push up the level of the groundwater in the nearby Solleveld nature area. One result could be changes to the vegetation in the area. The dune area is also the source of drinking water for the Dunea drinking water company. A change in the water table would affect the amount of drinking water that can be extracted.  In time, the groundwater will be depleted again slightly as the Sand Motor gets smaller. The dune lake can help to ensure that the salt water that permeates into the dunes during the construction of the Sand Motor can flow back to sea more easily.

We will be using monitoring pipes to observe the water table. By taking samples, we measure the quality of the groundwater (which is important for flora development on the Sand Motor and for drinking water extraction in the dune area) and the water quality of the dune lake (which is important for bathers).