Flora and Fauna

Research theme 4: Flora and fauna

Under the current arrangements for coastal maintenance, sand is deposited about every five years. This means that the ecosystem has to redevelop every five years as well. By depositing a large amount of sand in a single operation, the ecosystem will be maintained in place for longer and carry on growing. In the early years after the construction of the Sand Motor, evolution and accretion will be much faster than at present on the outer side of the Sand Motor.  We do not know what the impact will be on the ecosystem in this area. On the present beach, we expect the dunes to develop in more ecologically valuable ways than in the current situation because this dune will be created by nature, not artificially.   

We will be following ecological developments in three different locations: under water on the dynamic outer side of the Sand Motor, on the current beach and in the shadow of the hook between the beach and the Sand Motor.  This will involve taking samples from the bed and regular counts of species on the beach. Where possible, we will use images from our Argus monitoring station as a source of information about, for example, the development of vegetation, birds and sea mammals.