Research in advance

The Sand Motor is a pilot project. That is why scientists will be carefully monitoring how the Sand Motor develops. The first step was to map out the shape of the seabed and the ecosystem before construction started. This baseline measurement means we will know later how the Sand Motor has affected the development of the coast.  There have also been studies of the composition of the sand taken from the North Sea to create the peninsula. And a forecast has been produced of the expected changes in currents around the Sand Motor and the rest of the coast between Ter Heijde and Kijkduin, and the effect on safety for bathers.


We will be monitoring the Sand Motor after construction to see whether this innovative method for coastal protection actually works. We also need monitoring data to manage the Sand Motor properly, for example by mapping out new currents so we know where it is safe to bathe. Research is being conducted in six areas:

The weather, waves and currents 
Sand distribution
Water table and water quality
Flora and fauna

See also the downloads about the Sand Motor monitoring and research program.

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